Food trucks, but not – Trucks that look like their foods

I actually had a hard time finding information on some of these because any searches that continued both “food” and “truck” automatically brought up a billion different food trucks. I love ‘em, too, but their popularity over the last few years especially is getting a little ridiculous.

Mostly because there’s no way I can try out all the food trucks I want, pfft. :P

Anyway, to the trucks!

Planters nutmobile with Mr. Peanut in his monacle, tux, and cane standing next to a truck shaped and decorated like a peenut

Planter’s Peanut Mobile


Hershey Kissmobile


Maximus Minimus


Midwest Dairy Association


Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill – This one is actually one of my favorites. If it weren’t parked outside the sign saying it’s for a bar and grill restaurant, too, I might be a little confused but regardless, I like that the entire vehicle has been transformed into a burger and all its fixig’s.


Boston Lobster Feast Car

Goldfish – The snack that smiles back


Sweet Jenni’s Cupcake Truck
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