Barbecue tips – Cook food over an active volcano

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El Diablo restaurant - cooking over open fire volcano

Really, nobody is going to care if the food is a little extra dry or maybe not packed as full of flavor as you might have liked. Because it was cooked by a freakin’ volcano!

It won’t be cheap, but to get the best barbecue, it’s obviously worth it. This particular volcano is on a Spanish island near Morocco. In 1970 Cesar Manrique created a restaurant called El Diablo. They grill all meat and fish straight over the open heat. Don’t worry, though. This isn’t a volcano erupting with any actual lava spewing all over the place. It’s basically just a hole of hot heat.

El Diablo restaurant - cooking chicken and fish over open fire volcano

But it’s volcanic hot heat. How cool is that?

If you’re ever in the area, the Volcan Grill Tour is operated every Tuesday from 6 to 9:30 PM. For €50, you get a tour of the area, a three course meal, and transportation to and from your hotel. That’s really not that bad at all, huh?

I couldn’t find any really good videos but this will give you an idea of what the restaurant on Lanzarote is like.


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