Halloween party foods – Mummies in a blanket

Halloween mummies made with hot dogs and biscuit dough

Pretty cute, huh?

They didn’t start off that cute, though.

I tried several different styles of wrapping before I settled on one that worked.

Halloween mummies made with hot dogs and fridge biscuit dough - uncooked

The ones in the upper left hand corner are how they showed to do them in the tutorial I was looking at. They ended up looking more like Taliban mummies instead, though, and the dough kept slipping.

Halloween mummies made with hot dogs and refridgerated biscuit dough - uncooked pigs in the blanket

Actually, the biscuit dough kind of slips regardless. If you try to bundle it up on the bottom, then it ends up unraveling sometimes or just “falling off” entirely, which doesn’t really finish the look off very well, does it? Ultimately, I settled on just 2-3 strips for the cap and using the rest around the lower 2/3rds until it looked more like a coiled up snake than a turban.

Mummies for Halloween - Refrigerated canned biscuits and hot dogs like pigs in blankets

I like the final results of them that way better, too. The bottom row looks much better than the top row does. The first three are a jumbled turban/diaper mess and the last one looks like a swaddled baby. Oops.

Halloween mummy with hot dog and biscuit wrapped around it

I ran into the issue of what to put the eyes on with, too, though. We eat pigs in the blanket with ketchup. It makes sense to dip hot dogs in that, right? So I wanted to use that as the decoration as well. I much prefer when my creations are actually edible as is, but ah well.

Turns out, the mustard works out a lot better because it shows up on the hot dog:

Halloween mummy with biscut dough turban - pigs in blankets
Too bad some of the mummy ‘butts’ kept falling off regardless of how I had wrapped them, though. Oops!
To make your own, cut hot dogs in half. Open a can of refrigerated biscuits. Roll each biscuit dough circle into a “snake” like you used to do with playdough. Wrap around the upper 1/4 and lower 2/3 of each hot dog half, using whatever wrapping technique works for you. Have the kids do it instead if you’re self-conscious about yours turning out funky. Cook based on your biscuit package directions and add eyes using whatever condiments you prefer.

Naked shower girl with food…yeah, I said that…

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Yes, that is a girl showering.

Yes, it’s food-related. Yes, it’s PG-13. And yes, you should watch. The video kicks in at about 40 seconds, so feel free to skip forward if you can’t handle the boringness until then. I’m so, so sorry that it’s Britney Spears music you have to listen to, lol, but really, you should watch and stare in awe.

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