Wrapping paper looks like burger – Would you like ribbon fries with that?

Wrapping paper that looks like a cheeseburger with sesame seed buns, patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese boxes

Actually, I’d love some curly fries now….

Unfortunately, this isn’t available for Christmas this year. It’s shame, too; I’ve seen it listed in so many places this season that I can only imagine how much they would’ve sold.

Instead, it’s on Kickstarter and you can “preorder,” in a sense, and expect orders to be filled in a couple months. They’ve already reached their funding goal by a long shot, so start thinking of the gifts you’d wrap in this awesome paper.

I’m thinking books are an obvious route, with them easily being the right shape and something you might give multiples of at once. Maybe boxes of chocolate for Valentine’s Day?

Snowman cookie pops – M&M buttons are all the rage


Yep, more winter-related food art. It’s December after all and apparently, that’s what I’m supposed to be thinking about.

I’m really not sure it should be so publicly-accepted to be drooling over eating our favorite holiday friends.

Frosty? Rudolph? Santa? Yeah, you were great in that song and loved the movies, but uh, now I’m hungry and you’re so cute I could eat two dozen. I’m sure they greatly appreciate that.


Anywho, as usual, click on over to a different site (Make and Takes) for a full tutorial. I was thrilled to see that these are actually made with mini-Oreos instead of the cliché, expected cake pops.

Lolcats discuss the difference between want and need

Nablopomo – Something I need

Lolcat - Fat cat with caption "maybe I ate all the marshmallows And maybe I didn't"

Unlike wants, needs are a little harder to pinpoint sometimes. Does that kitty really need more marshmallows? Nah. :P Does he really, really, really want them? Oh yeah!

Lolcats - I need dis - cat with orange juice, steak - Oh god I need dis this

Right now, I completely sympathize with that last kitty. Sometimes, a craving is so intense that you just need it.

I think these little guys may not realize the difference between want and need.

 Cat climbing barbecue grill to get hot dogs and hamburgers - Lolcat wants steak too Lolcat cat wants stack of pancakes with big blue eyes