3D Food Rings–Way Better than Mood Rings

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These are being referred to as “mini food-in-motion rings” since they’re not just displays of food in general.
I know that I won’t be wearing any of these any time soon considering they would rise 3 inches above my hand and I’d be in constant fear of breaking them.
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I think it’s a fun way to step outside the box with jewelry, though. And if the size of these turn you off, she does have an entire collection of rings that aren’t quite as large. For being homemade and listed on Etsy, they’re priced surprisingly reasonably, too! I see a bunch of them that are only $6 and she currently has a sale going on. Not bad for such cute items!
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Edible food fashion – Tomato and cabbage couture

Bubblegum dress

Winter mushroom

Sung Yeon Ju is a Korean artist who has spent two years creating amazing dresses out of real foods in her series “Wearable Foods.” There are several more pictures on TrendLand. I wonder if Lady Gaga drew inspiration from these classy dresses when she chose to wear her meat dress?

Tomato…classy, no?

Lotus Root (So this one probably needs a slip worn underneath, heh)

Red Cabbage

Spring Onion (See? There are some more classic dress versions, too)