Rubik’s Cube Fruit Salads

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The above video is one of the better Rubik’s cube fruit salads I have seen. I guess they’re technically not salads, but kind of, right? It’s the only one I have seen with a “dark” fruit like the blue you would expect on a Rubik’s cube, too, so that’s kind of nice, even though the shape is a little off.

Here are some other variations, too:

Chunks of fruit to look like rubik's cube where watermelon, honey do, and other various fruits stacked on top of each other.

Rubik's cube fruit salad dessert using cubes of fresh cut fruit like kiwis, strawberries, apples, and mandarin oranges 

Christmas Rubik's Cube fruit dessert with kiwi, strawberry, feta cheese, and cranberry garnish

This one isn’t diverse in color at all, but I think it’s one of my favorites actually. I was turned on to pairing fruits and cheese a couple years ago and was surprised to really enjoy the combinations, so to see watermelon and cheese together makes me drool just slightly. I think it’s more festive than anything, too, so a nice, refreshing treat for Christmas especially.

Creative Smores Variations – How can you make graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows any better?

Apparently, it’s quite easy to make them better actually, so why not? 

August 10th was National S’mores Day and I was flooded with more smores recipes than I knew what to do with. I marked some of my favorites to pass on, though, and just because the day has passed, doesn’t mean the s’mores season has, right? 

Here are the top twelve s’mores variations I saw last month that caught my attention: 


1. Smores Brownie Bars – Brownies with a graham cracker crust like a cheese cake, and with toasted gooey marshmallows on top? What could go wrong? I don’t even like marshmallows that much, but this looks delicious. 



2. S’mores Sundae – I’m a little disappointed that nothing was done with the graham cracker. It’s not even a cinnamon one, hmph. I’m thinking it would get soggy under all the ice cream and chocolate, but it looks cool, so it gets points there anyway. 



3. S’mores Pie – Mom likes her marshmallow burnt. And her cheese burnt. And her hot dogs burnt. 

Wait, does she even like real food? Hmm. Either way, the fact that this one is photographed still burning is what pulls me in. I imagine it being insanely rich,b ut it would be worth it. 



4. Heart-shaped S’mores Pops – Save this one for Valentine’s Day next year. 



5. Peep S’mores – And save this one for right after Easter. I love that each s’mores would be colored different. 



6. Smores Cupcakes – I doubt I would be able to eat this one, but I like that they didn’t just mix the marshmallow into the batter. It has a full separated layer to itself. 



7. S’mores Pushpops – I’m not even entirely sure how this one is supposed to be eaten. Do you just push it up and eat each layer separate? You can’t heat it up in those plastic things, right? Hmm. 



8. S’more Stuffed Strawberries – This just takes s’mores to a whole new level, don’t you think? It combines chocolate covered strawberries with s’mores to created stuffed berries with all the expected toppings. 


9. S’mores Rice Krispy Treats – Not sure I like the whole marshmallows on top, but I think it still works. 



10. Owl S’mores – Awwww! There’s not enough chocolate there to be really s’mores-like, but still, the basics are there and it looks delicious, right? 



11. S’more or Less Cupcakes – There’s nothing to be said about these. I would eat 5 in a heartbeat. I might have to skip some of the marshmallowy goodness, but look at all that chocolate!! 


12. Halloween S’mores Packs – Mom never would’ve let me eat these because they’re handmade instead of prepackaged. I love the idea for a fun Halloween trick-or-treat handout, though. 

Bonus – S’mores Spaghetti – Bonus s’mores! It’s…spaghetti? Not sure what to say about this one other than “Oh. Cool? Yeah, I’d eat that, lol” 

When life gives you watermelons, make dragons

12 watermelons carved to look like dragon with pineapple ears and scaling 12 watermelons carved to look like dragon with pineapple ears and scaling

More awesome pictures

Often times when someone asks me about what I do and I start the whole spiel about loving to play with my food, I get one of two responses.

The first comes from people who assume that means I like experimenting with recipes. They immediately picture me in the kitchen, creating new dishes, flailing about with bizarre spices, and cooking things they probably wouldn’t touch in a million years. Wrong.

The second throws out the term “food art.” I suppose that’s closer considering some of the funky dishes I’ve made to look like random creatures, but when I food art, the above is what I picture.

That dragon above? THAT is art. In all senses of the word, the artist has created something magnificent. I’d be thrilled if I could even do a fraction of that.

No really, I’d be quite content just managing to cut a watermelon in half without creating a huge mess….

And this dude? He managed that with TWELVE watermelons and two pineapples…. and somehow created scales on each and every one of them without getting bored or distracted by kids to the point of saying “oh, nevermind, a 3-watermelon dragon is probably enough anyway.” Impressive.