So apparently you can fry watermelon…

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Up close picture of deep fried watermelon with powdered sugar and syrup
I was having the discussion the other day about whether or not you could barbecue watermelon. Logically, it seems like something that is 92% water would essentially melt on a grill.

I was wrong.

Not only is grilled watermelon apparently fantastic, but they also deep-fried the same liquid-laden food without any issues.

Two girls at Cardinali Family Concessions eating deep fried watermelon on a stick. One girl has a nose ring and the other is wearing a peace symbol necklace. They are having a blast.

I suppose that if they can deep fry whole butter sticks and Kool-Aid as fair food, then why not watermelon, too?

In fact, it almost seems way too healthy, hmm… Must be the dieter’s carnival food instead.

Football, baseball, basketball – What shape is a strawberry?

Wiltons chocolate covered strawberries painted to look like a basketball, baseball, and football with icing

Obviously all three, right? And these chocolate covered strawberries could easily be tennis ball shaped, too, or just about any other ball that has distinct markings that could be drawn on. Nobody cares what the actual shape is.

According to Lori from RecipeGirl, these are an absolute hit, too. From an online store, these will cost you a whopping 25 bucks for only 6 of them, but it’s guaranteed you can make them yourself for a lot cheaper with the same results.

When apples go bad… (Wordless Wednesday)

Clicky clicky for the big picture. :)