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How it Began

Actually, the fun has been going on for as long as I can remember, but now it’s time to share. After all, half the fun of cooking is being able to share the results with others.

Before I can get to the quirkiness that goes on in my kitchen, though, I think an unwritten rule of blogging is that there has to be an introductory post (which I hate, but who am I to argue with the blogging gods?). So….

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Jessi. *insert many years of stories* When Messy Jessi grew up, she visited home and her little sister whined, “Why does Jessi get to play with her food, but I don’t??” To which the mother replied, “because she’s been playing with her food for years, and if she hasn’t stopped by now, she’s never going to.”

And I haven’t. In fact, that was the encouragement that made me play with my food even more. Come on, it’s fun, why not enjoy it? Now I cook my fair share of meals that could be deemed “plain,” I’m sure, and I live with a budget, so you’ll see no fancy equipment or expensive foods here. There’s no reason it has to be boring, though!

The Name

My main site is Quirky Jessi, where I feature lots of….well, quirkiness. Whether it’s a strange site, funky artistic style, or a weird product, it can be found there. So when I started this site, it was with the intent of the same atmosphere. I love having fun and thoroughly enjoy things that are out of the ordinary.

And well, cookery is pretty self-explanatory:

: the art or practice of cooking
: an establishment for cooking

What to expect

At least this is what I’m planning on having here. There’s no telling how it’ll actually turn out, but for now, I think it’s a pretty good view of what I’ll be posting.

  1. Recipes (of course)
  2. Pictures of silly dishes I make
  3. Funny stories from the kitchen
  4. Odd cooking products or tools
  5. Misc generic cooking site stuff
    (because it’s bound to happen)

Time to eat

Alright, that’s enough jibber jabber. Let’s eat!


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