Fourth of July Cake – American Flag

quirky creations | July 5, 2009 | By

I don’t normally make anything for July 4th at all. It’s not a holiday we’ve ever truly “celebrated” outside of watching fireworks and whatever school programs that might’ve been put on.

This year, though, we got hit with an all-day thunderstorm that poured rain across the city. Oh no! By 6 pm, it was apparent that we wouldn’t be attending fireworks at 9. The kids were disappointed, of course.

And so I whipped up a quick yellow cake, threw on some fruit, and suddenly we were well on our way to enjoying our Independence Day in a way we hadn’t before. The little ones were excited because they weren’t expecting it at all. Even the teenager came in, grinned, rolled her eyes a little and said “Oh I should’ve known you’d do something like that, ha.”

It’s not anything fancy like I saw for weeks leading up to the Fourth of July, but for a last minute mood lifter, it went over well.

Oh, and because you can’t really cut that cake so that people can have a bit of each, I split it up as I went and the kids each got a miniature flag, too, hehe.


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