Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes


Part of getting the last year’s worth of silly creations means that things like these Thanksgiving Day cupcakes get posted in January. Oops!

I don’t usually do anything Thanksgiving-themed for the holiday. The turkey is enough, right? But this year, in the midst of being overwhelmed with tons of ideas all over the web, I saw these and had to do them. They’re adorable! The best part was, I knew the kids would enjoy being able to decorate the turkeys themselves, so I made it an activity for one of their days out of school. Talk about a blast!

(Notice the replicate in the back has the candy corns sticking in the opposite way. And they have wings!)

Now these weren’t just ordinary cupcakes either, so that made for some interesting results.

No, these cupcakes come from a box mix (gasp! me? not making it from scratch?? ahh!). And instead of the oil and eggs, they have pumpkin puree in them. This makes for insanely moist, delicious cupcakes that everyone raved over (before ‘and’ after knowing I’d put pumpkin in them). Oh, and did I mention that it makes them quite a bit healthier, too? Win-win situation.

“Insanely moist” means they melt in your mouth, but they also do in your hand a little bit, too, hehe. I didn’t have much trouble with them, but B*, being 7 and overly excited with slightly less coordinated fingers, had some major issues with hers.


Her turkey most definitely had some extra junk in the trunk and that created what could only be seen as a chocolate and candy corn mudslide. Under the weight of the candy and the pressure of her fingers trying to put them in so carefully, the whole back end of her turkey collapsed and started to fall off. Moist cupcake and icing to the rescue, we were able to piece it back together, though.

Some cupcakes were easier created than others. Some done with more care, and a few hurried because of utter excitement of getting to work with icing for the first time. They all managed to turn out with their own unique characteristics, though. “Mine has the most beautiful feathers.” “Mine has the biggest butt!” “Mine’s the cutest. Look at those cheeks!”

And boy did that one have some fat cheeks! In the end, though, the only thing left was to debate which to eat first. Head or tail?


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