Crazy hot dogs and spaghetti dish – How it all went down

Yep, you’re seeing that right. What a weird combination, huh? Who on earth would think to stick spaghetti noodles through chunks of hot dogs, and more importantly, why??

Regardless, there’s something strangely intriguing about it and I had to make my own batch. After making the corn dog muffins, I found myself with some extra slices and the perfect opportunity to try them.

One of the best parts was being walked in on while I was stabbing the hot dogs with spaghetti. I’d already told the oldest that I was making corndog muffins for lunch (which was a new dish for us and confused her anyway), and then when she saw me messing with the spaghetti instead, she questioned why there was spaghetti in corn dogs, hehe.

Those look like corn dog muffins, right? ;)

I had the little ones playing outside while I put everything together, but the teenager couldn’t stop asking questions. Typical, huh? She’s either a complete recluse and refuses outside contact from anyone….or she’s right under my feet. “Why do some of them have one and some of them have three??” My answer: “Because the ones with three make better ladders,” and I finger-climbed the hot dog steps. I believe that was the final eye roll as she walked out of the room.

That was really only the beginning, though, and it gets worse from there.

After lunch was over, I brought out the small plate of spaghetti hot dog ladder piles. They gathered ’round and I dug in. “Look! This one’s the ladder,” and yep, I finger-climbed again, this time with sound effects, and I was greeted with real giggles (*sticks out tongue at the teenager*). When one of them asked how I got the holes in the hot dogs, I told her with tooth picks, and she accepted my answer just fine, hehe.

I separated the strands into even piles for them to try, and I had one left over. “Ooo, look at my long blonde hair,” I cooed in an over dramatic voice. Little did I know that it reminded all of them of their friend that plays in our yard quite often. “It’s Sally-chick!!” So off I went to take another picture. I took longer than expected, though, because I, uh, um, er….I stopped to braid “Sally-chick’s” hair.

Finally they were able to consider eating, but wait, what do you put on hot dogs ‘and’ pasta? Marinara sauce for the noodles? Ketchup for the hot dogs? After a few minutes worth of discussion, they opted for just grated parmesan cheese. Guess what? They *loved* it. Of course kids would, I suppose, but it still seems like a far-fetched combination to me.

And that leftover Sally-chick dog noodle? They proudly prepped it carefully and took it outside where their friend was still waiting on them to come back and play. She loved it, too. ;)

(My next post will cover technique tips, things I’m considering doing in the future, and pictures of other versions.)


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