When life gives you bananas, write secret messages!

Curved yellow fruits…er, I mean…bananas are such a cheap fruit to find year round, but frankly, they can get boring fast.

With kids going back to school and lunchboxes waiting to be packed 5 days a week for the next 9 months, this is a great way to make the banana a little more fun.

I found them on Laura’s site and she found them elsewhere, but I’ll link to her because she has a nice tutorial on how to do it with several other pictures.

It’s super easy, though…..just poke your message or pictures into the banana peel with a toothpick and by lunchtime, you’ll be able to see it show through. Plain banana in the morning….secret message by noon, woo.

And if you’re feeling extra artsy, don’t be afraid to bust out full sketches like this:


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