Ship in the bottle is out – View in a water bottle is in

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While waiting in San Diego for the ferry to take us over to Coronado, we decided that if we weren’t eating just yet, we at least needed to get a drink.

Touristy spots generally mean insane high prices for silly items like bottles of water. We were thirsty, though, so no real harm done.

I was particularly excited when the awesome Lisa from Anthony’s Fish Grotto greeted us with a huge smile, took our order, and when she passed over what I thought were simple bottles of water, pointed out how you could see the San Diego skyline in the bottle.

Wait, what? Really?

Sure enough, there it was! And as we drank the water, I was particularly delighted to see that it looked like the picture water was moving with the real water.

Yes, I’m that easily delighted, hehe.

And I was so excited by my funky bottle of water (shush it :P), that I stepped back over and asked her to take a picture. Remember, I was just at a conference where pictures were nonstop, so I’m sure it was way weirder for her than it was for me, but I was thrilled, hehe.

Thank you, Lisa!


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