Mario Party – Your princess is…a Peeping Tom!

When N turned 8, all she wanted for her birthday was a Mario Gameboy game. She didn’t care what else she got….just that. She spent months after, playing her Mario game. When Christmas rolled around, she got yet another collection of games, but Mario was still a favorite. 

If you read Quirky Jessi, you know that I have a slight adoration obsession for Mario, so this pleases me greatly, hehe. 

A full year later at her next birthday (and her desire for Mario had sprouted before then, so it was really even longer), she was still just as into her Gameboy Advance….and Mario could still hold her attention. Well duh, it’s Mario…. :P 

So the game plan was for a Gameboy party, but that slowly morphed into being a bit more Mario-centered. We’d have a Gameboy cake and then Mario “extras” to go with the gaming theme. 

My camera picked up more color difference than was actually there. Really, the blues were matched almost perfectly. 

I had been playing with fondant the days before, not knowing how it’d turn out, but having fun all the same. I made enough goombas for each of the kids and a couple other feature toons. 

They were intended to be just something fun to giggle at and let everybody try, but at the last minute, they found themselves on the cake anyway! Yikes. 

They’re held on with toothpicks and tape on the back. The princess is holding a tiny blue “gameboy cake” to mimic N’s own cake. 
The candles each went into a button on the game pad. In the lower left of the picture, you can see another Princess Peach and the top of a goomba guy that I pulled from my old stash of toys. 

N opted to eat her Princess’ “cake” first, which left the Princess with no middle! 

What is it about eating the head/eyes off something first? 

I wasn’t entirely sure how into it the other kids would be. Just because N likes playing Mario on her Gameboy, doesn’t mean her friends even play video games at all, much less Mario. And hey, just because I and the rest of the world thinks he’s an icon, doesn’t mean the kids would even recognize him. 

Yes, this is picture proof that the Mario Kart Love Song was playing when she was brought into the room and again later a couple times, along with the Mario theme song, which I teased the girls they’d have to hum instead of the Happy Birthday song.

Well they all did, and I got confirmation of their excitement when we passed out the Mario cups. One little girl had needed a drink before the party actually started because she felt like something was stuck in her throat. Because it was all a surprise, she was given a plain cup for her quick drink. When they passed out the cups, she didn’t take one because she already had a cup, but started to get upset because hers didn’t have a Mario M on it. :( Aww! Quickly corrected, of course. 

They even played “pin the crown on the princess.” 

From the inside, you could still see the color and as all the kids waited, it looked like Princess was spying on them! 


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