Braille sesame seed buns – Marketing at its best

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Alright, so I kinda laughed when I first saw this. Seriously? Braille on buns?? What kind of advertising stunt is this? sigh

But then I watched the video, and really, it’s not such a bad idea. Sure, it’s publicity stunt, but I’m pretty okay with that. They made some good points, thought creatively, and are reaching an audience that is rarely catered to in food, much less in a way like this. It’s pretty awesome!

Braille words on sesame seed bun from Wimpy's burger chain in South Africa promoting national braille literacy month with burgers.

The month is about over, but January was National Braille Literacy Month and these burgers are from Wimpy’s in South Africa. They also released all new braille menus, but the burgers are the cool part. Unfortunately, they aren’t actually a regular item on the menu and were just brought to a blind institution for promotional purposes, of course, but the commercial makes you think.

“….but for people who use their hands as their eyes, this was the first time they could do more than just their food. They could see it.” :)


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