Pizza roll pizza heart

A heart shaped pizza made out of Totino's pizza rolls and spinach

From the Decorated Cookie.

So there’s one that I had never considered being creative with. I love me some Totino’s pizza rolls….despite how horribly unhealthy they are. Or maybe it’s BECAUSE they are so unhealthy that I love them from time to time.

I see them as a convenience food, though, that gets tossed in the oven (or even the microwave when I’m desperate…shh). I wouldn’t have considered turning them into something more fun, but she did! And it was as simple as tossing some pizza sauce, some cheese, and a few heart shaped spinach leaves a top a pile of pizza rolls arranged into a pointy heart.

I would probably replace the green stuff with some carefully cut pepperonis instead. After all, if I’m going to indulge in cheap, unhealthy food, why spoil it with green stuff? My mother taught me better than that!

(Also…. happy birthday!)


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