Bagel buoy boy – Summertime swimmer art

A bagel made to look like it's a person in an intertube raft buoy. Legs and arms made of cream cheese with red pepper flippers, green pepper sunglasses, cheese hair, red pepper snorkel

Now that I’m really inspecting and admiring this, the cream cheese does look a little gross, eh? Ah well, it’s still awesome!

Also, the recipe suggests adding nutella to the cream cheese for a darker skin complexion. I’m not sure I would’ve considered doing that at all, but I love the idea. <3

….and there’s the realization yet again that the simplest things make me giddy. To be sitting at my computer, smiling at a screen while I type, at the thought of adding chocolate to make a cream cheese swimmer a more accurate color for some people? Uh, yeah, I might have issues. Oops.


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