Mashed potato snowmen – Pass the gravy please!

Vegan meatloaf with mashed potato snowman on top. Peppercorn eyes, pea buttons, steamed green bean scarf, and cilantro leaf arms with potato snowflakes on the plate.

Wanna know my favorite things about this little guy?

Of course you do! (The benefit of a blog means that I get to answer for you before you ever even hear the question. :P )

  1. They’re completely edible! Sometimes we have to resort to using non-food items to make the quirky theme come together, but it’s more magical when it’s all food.
  2. It’s savory! I’ve said it before, but cakes and cookies are easily to play with and turn them into creative creations. People don’t do it nearly as much with dinner items.
  3. It’s versatile! River from Wing It Vegan did what I end up doing often times; she experimented with other toppings that might make the look better. You’ll have to hit her up to see the ones with peas and black eyed peas.
  4. It’s easy! No fancy skills or tools needed here. It’s no more complicated than building a real snowman, but a whole lot warmer. :)
  5. It’s vegan! While I’m not personally vegan and have no interest in being such, I hate when I see vegans being completely boring by their own set restrictions. Who says you can’t still have some fun with the food?

Yo cuz, these are the best meatballs in the world (Wordless Wednesday)

Martorano's Restaurant ad for the Rio in Las Vegas elevator - Says "Yo cuz. These are the best meatballs in the world. Period. My food. My way. Martoranos" with picture of spaghetti and meatball.

Really, does an ad like this need any more words than that? It was weird to see the professional picture and restaurant name/font/etc with a shout-out of “yo cuz” but hey, it caught my attention…. and it probably catches a lot of other people’s attention, too, right?

Porcupine meatball raisin band

Porcupine meatballs with rice, cheese, ground beef shaped to look like real animal
Those little guys started off as porcupine meatballs. Go on, google what they’re supposed to look like. Or here, let me do that for you: LMGTFY
Mine obviously weren’t as spiky as they could’ve been, though, so then the toothpicks were added…
But porcupines need faces, too, right? Not just mohawks apparently.
So by the end, I had a band of California raisin guys instead.

California raisin guy dude band toys with saxophone, guitar, sunglasses

Porcupine meatballs with rice, cheese, ground beef with faces made of raisins and cranberries

Oh yeah, rock it you little rice, cheese, meatballs…. Ok, maybe not.
But you’ve gotta admit they look better than this did:

Rice and meat cheeseballs with toothpicks

And no, I can’t even tell you if that was the creation pre-face….or simply me taking pictures of the raisin dude butts. Does it really matter? No, of course not.
Also, this special closeup shot here is for the people who often ask how I get various faces to stick to random textures. Here’s an example of what happens when things don’t go as planned and I need a little extra duct tape toothpick help.
Stab your eyes out with toothpicks - Recipe for porcupine meatballs
In case you’re wondering, yes, they were quite delicious. But please, if you’re going to hide toothpicks in the eyes, at least warn the kids before they bite into them…