Frosty upgraded his old silk hat – Cupcake earmuffs

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Snowman cake earmuffs in pink and striped sparkles - From Fun Pix and Neatoshop

If you imagine that little snowman cupcake without the earmuffs, it’s actually kind of creepy…and ugly. But the earmuffs are quite cute!

You can get your own set at Neatoshop for $3.45 for 12. I think that’s pretty cheap to step up a dozen cupcakes for a special occasion.

Snowman cookie pops – M&M buttons are all the rage


Yep, more winter-related food art. It’s December after all and apparently, that’s what I’m supposed to be thinking about.

I’m really not sure it should be so publicly-accepted to be drooling over eating our favorite holiday friends.

Frosty? Rudolph? Santa? Yeah, you were great in that song and loved the movies, but uh, now I’m hungry and you’re so cute I could eat two dozen. I’m sure they greatly appreciate that.


Anywho, as usual, click on over to a different site (Make and Takes) for a full tutorial. I was thrilled to see that these are actually made with mini-Oreos instead of the cliché, expected cake pops.

Mini powdered doughnut snowmen

Powdered Doughnut Snowmen from The Idea Room

Cute, right?

I love edible art, but for me personally, that means I prefer the entire piece to be edible. The tophat and scarf being unedible, even though just a couple pieces that are easily removed, doesn’t really cut it for me.

The scarf would be pretty easy to replace. A straw/stick of licorice is the first thing that comes to mind, although you might have to use the pull-apart kind instead of old fashioned licorice. It’s much more flexible and you could pull off a few of the strands if it was too thick to hold right.

As for the hat, that’s a little trickier. At first, I thought maybe some thick fruit leather, but it might not hold its shape as well as I’d want. You could do it in two pieces, maybe, so for example, the bottom of the top hat could be part of an oreo and the top could be…what?

Or maybe like the witch hats I make. Did I ever post those? You spread a thin chocolate cookie dough on a silmat, bake for a few minutes, and then while they’re still warm, you bend them into the shape you want. Maybe something like that would do it.

Or, hmm, are there any other candies and such that would be the shape of a tophat? Or could be altered to work? These pilgrim hats use little Reese’s cups, so I’m trying to think of something similar. Any ideas?