Christmas tree sushi -Deck the halls with boughs of Japanese mayo

Sushi art can keep my attention for way longer than it probably should, but I love it. People can get so creative with it and here’s an example of a cool Christmas twist….even if it’s not exactly “traditional.”  Shape them into little Christmas trees and then chow down.

Christmas tree sushi

300g cooked Japanese rice
2 TBS rice vinegar
100g chopped toro
1 avocado
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2 nori sheet
4 shiso
chopped green onion
4 star-shaped cheese (meiji)
soy sauce

Follow instructions in the video to see how to make them. :)

Sushi made to look like Christmas trees with nori, avocado, roe, cheese, green onions, japanese mayo

Visit the creator at CreateEatHappy.

World’s largest monster sushi – 13 pounds? Pass the chopsticks!

Nablopomo – A place you want to go – This restaurant – Umewaka Restaurant in Anjo City, Japan

World's largest giant sushi from umewaka in Anjo City Japan

I don’t think this would be the best tasting sushi ever, but I do think it’d be quite the sight to watch this happen in person. (At least skip through some of the video to get a better idea of just how big this is).

They lay it out on a piece of seaweed that is 2 meters long and the total product weighs in at about 6kg (13 pounds) and 25 cm across (10 in). Obviously it’s not cheap either, at ¥15,000 or about 200 bucks….but wouldn’t it make for an awesome party spread?
World's largest giant sushi from umewaka in Anjo City Japan 
From what I can find, they also offer up a large platter of sushi nigiri, too, with things like octopus and squid, where the chunk of tuna alone is enough to make 40 normal portions of nigiri.

Unfortunately, no pictures there, so who knows?   Nevermind, found some! There’s a “normal sized” platter shown at the bottom for comparison’s sake. Holy cow, they’re huge!

World's largest giant sushi from umewaka in Anjo City Japan - Nigiri Nigri sushi compared to regular sized raw fish tuna octopus sushi