Portobello mushrooms are as good as steaks (Wordless Wednesday)

Ever been told a well-prepared portobello mushroom is as good as a steak? Yeah right. Nice try, hippy.

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Birthday dinner mini-feast – Steak, shrimp, fries

Here’s an example of a birthday dinner that I wouldn’t serve on another night. Is it the healthiest? Nah. Was it necessary to have 5 dishes? Nah.

Was it exciting for them to have steak *and* shrimp *and* fries *and* garlic bread *and* salad? Duh! And no, salad on its own wouldn’t cause excitement, but it was yet another piece on the dish so it added to the overall picture of looking like a lot.

Amazing deals make me squeal

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No, I’m not going to show you weekly coupons or how I get $800 worth of food for $5 because I’m just that awesome. I *do* get excited over things like this, though:

That’s a $45 piece of meat….for $18…..except I shopped on a day where it was 10% off, so I actually got that for $16.30. At less than $1.99 a pound, that’s a whole sirloin tip for less per pound than I pay for ground beef.

And I just so happened to have been planning a large house warming party for dozens of people, so this couldn’t have showed up at a better time. I turned it into some delicious kabobs that I’ll show you guys more pictures of later.