Would you like some light, smooth peanut butt to go with those cottage cheese thighs? >< (Wordless Wednesday)

Grocery store sales sign for Kraft Light Smooth Peanut Butt (Butter) - Typo / choosing the wrong place to cut words off

Clearance stickers – Addicted to the yellow and orange

clearance stickers cheap mushrooms lettuce vegetables produce

Yeah, I can’t help but buy them out of stock of clearanced produce. And yes, every bit got used, so I’m not one of those people that can’t resist buying up the goods….and then they rot in the fridge before they get used. Nuh uh, no way. You’ll get to see the results of some of it, too, ’cause with that many mushrooms about to go bad, you better believe I had to mass produce something.

Blooming onions at home

If you go to a restaurant and order a blooming onion, you’ll be brought something along these lines:

blooming onion and dip pictures

Anyone else drooling right about now? I know I am, geesh.

Around here, though, this is how it goes:

Not nearly as pretty and definitely not as big. Seriously, where do they get those gigantic onions? ;)

But when you find onions for $.59 for 3 pounds and haven’t had a blooming onion in years, you take what you can get. And in this case, it meant a blooming onion for each person all to their own.

Prep/cut onions, soak in milk for 15+ minutes, coat in flour and whatever seasonings you prefer (salt and pepper are sufficient), and deep fry until golden. In my case, I put each one on some coffee filters when they were done to help soak up that glistening grease you see. Devour while warm; they’re not that great room temperature, cold, or reheated, bleh.