Blooming onions at home

If you go to a restaurant and order a blooming onion, you’ll be brought something along these lines:

blooming onion and dip pictures

Anyone else drooling right about now? I know I am, geesh.

Around here, though, this is how it goes:

Not nearly as pretty and definitely not as big. Seriously, where do they get those gigantic onions? ;)

But when you find onions for $.59 for 3 pounds and haven’t had a blooming onion in years, you take what you can get. And in this case, it meant a blooming onion for each person all to their own.

Prep/cut onions, soak in milk for 15+ minutes, coat in flour and whatever seasonings you prefer (salt and pepper are sufficient), and deep fry until golden. In my case, I put each one on some coffee filters when they were done to help soak up that glistening grease you see. Devour while warm; they’re not that great room temperature, cold, or reheated, bleh.


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    September 6, 2012


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