Proof that I sometimes remember my reusable bags

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 photo SummerFall09893.jpg

I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason I would’ve taken this picture.

The contents of the picture otherwise is nothing unusual. This is a standard table view of when I would go grocery shopping for 6 of us once a month. There’s more stacked behind what you can see on the table….and to the far left, you can see more bags on the floor.

It’s not a very good picture to show the sheer quantity of what I would buy….I have better pictures of what elsewhere. So it must be to prove that at least once in my life, I remembered the bags.

It’s probably the ONLY time I remembered those bags actually….

When the groceries hit the ground…

Glass bottle of oil broken on concrete - How to clean up oil

Then it’s guaranteed to be the only box with a glass bottle of oil in it.

Spilled groceriesDropped a box of groceriesPiles of paper towels - Just how much oil can they soak?

And the rest? Oh yeah, those groceries are going to go FLYING. Have you ever seen projectile ice cream cones? How about peanut butter jars who actually coordinate to roll in different directions?

Yeah, me neither.

Oil soaked paper towels to clean up a mess - Art?

I don’t take pictures of oil soaked paper towels because they “look cool” either. And most definitely not when there are a dozen boxes that still need to be brought in because some genius thinks it’s a good idea to shop a month at a time.

Nope, that’d just be silly.

Bananas go with M&Ms, Pringles with red peppers – Food art

Yellow groceries - bananas, yello m&m's package, sunsweet raisins, yellow pepper, soda, Gold brand snacks
Cool, huh?
Most times when I find something like this, it’s from a source that’s divorced from the original source’s cousin’s brother-in-law’s second wife’s daughter, twice removed.
Red groceries - red pepper, pringles, Ajax soap cleaner, nestle brand snacks
And so then I often go on a wild google hunt, trying to find the original. These pictures are from an art project by  Marco Ugolini and Pedro Motta.
I thought it was a neat concept when I saw the pictures, but I got a few laughs to go with it when I found the link on Toxel from when they were featured last year.
Blue groceries - negresco, fondue, tutlet, becel, soda shampoo, soap

Truthiness said:
So grocery shopping is art now? I like to sort my Skittles by color before I eat them, next time I’m going to take a picture before I eat them and submit it for posting.

Art is in the eye of the beholder….or something like that. :P  And well, I’d probably be just as likely to post pictures of separated Skittles, too, I think.
Also, I’m kinda disappointed by a fact I found on the art project site.
Green groceries - cucumbers, limes, green peppers, soda, Classic soda bottle, soaps, asparagus

None of the products have been bought after the shooting.

Booooo! I wouldn’t expect them to buy everything, of course, but really, didn’t buy any of it? I wonder if they even restocked any of it themselves or if they just left most of it. I can’t see any refrigerated items off hand, so that’s good at least, but there’s some produce there that was hopefully handled with care.
White groceries - Cheese, eggs, Toblerone chocolate, kenata
Black groceries - Hair brush, black coca cola coke zero, booze, energy drinks, toblerone chocolate candies