Bananas go with M&Ms, Pringles with red peppers – Food art

Yellow groceries - bananas, yello m&m's package, sunsweet raisins, yellow pepper, soda, Gold brand snacks
Cool, huh?
Most times when I find something like this, it’s from a source that’s divorced from the original source’s cousin’s brother-in-law’s second wife’s daughter, twice removed.
Red groceries - red pepper, pringles, Ajax soap cleaner, nestle brand snacks
And so then I often go on a wild google hunt, trying to find the original. These pictures are from an art project by  Marco Ugolini and Pedro Motta.
I thought it was a neat concept when I saw the pictures, but I got a few laughs to go with it when I found the link on Toxel from when they were featured last year.
Blue groceries - negresco, fondue, tutlet, becel, soda shampoo, soap

Truthiness said:
So grocery shopping is art now? I like to sort my Skittles by color before I eat them, next time I’m going to take a picture before I eat them and submit it for posting.

Art is in the eye of the beholder….or something like that. :P  And well, I’d probably be just as likely to post pictures of separated Skittles, too, I think.
Also, I’m kinda disappointed by a fact I found on the art project site.
Green groceries - cucumbers, limes, green peppers, soda, Classic soda bottle, soaps, asparagus

None of the products have been bought after the shooting.

Booooo! I wouldn’t expect them to buy everything, of course, but really, didn’t buy any of it? I wonder if they even restocked any of it themselves or if they just left most of it. I can’t see any refrigerated items off hand, so that’s good at least, but there’s some produce there that was hopefully handled with care.
White groceries - Cheese, eggs, Toblerone chocolate, kenata
Black groceries - Hair brush, black coca cola coke zero, booze, energy drinks, toblerone chocolate candies


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