I could never survive on a cooking show

A couple months ago, my sister was watching me take pictures of food. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but I’d actually bought a set of cheap plastic dishes for the sheer sake of picture some food on the colors.

Foodies present on white. Food bloggers present on white. Chefs present on white.  Food looks great on a white background and cameras can capture their colors best with the white. That’s just the way it is.

All the more reason she giggled at me when I gave her the option of blue or pink (okay, it was magenta, but I didn’t know if she knew what color that even was, hehe).

She watches Chopped on a regular basis and told me how she thinks of me sometimes when she sees the dishes.

“Except yours would never be picked because you’d do it with smiley faces or something. They’d think it was really cute, but you’d never win.”

Lol! It’s true! The conversation went on and we joked about me serving meatloaf rats or arranging the foods into funky shapes. She said sometimes I make them look like the chefs do and talked about how sometimes the chefs end up making a dish look really gross.

All the while, I was arranging bowls of shrimp alfredo into a pyramid.

Sure, the color is off, but the more important thing is the milk on the table you can see on the left hand side. I can get by with this because I’m not a food photographer. Or a chef. Or a photo editor.

I’m Quirky Jessi and kids like building things, even if it’s just a tower of funky colored bowls. :P

Meat-copia – Cornucopia made out of sausages, pepperoni, bacon

The site refers to it as a bacon-copia, so you could go with that instead.

Really, it’s a bacon horn stuffed with 20 hot Italian sausages, 4 pork chops, 1 black pudding sausage, 1 white pudding sausage, 1 pound of scrapple (I didn’t even know what that was before now), pepperoni, and salami.


Sneaky Food Cakes – So many lookalikes!

Oh my! This Flickr group, Sneaky Food Cakes, is filled with cakes made to look like other foods. Some of them are truly breathtaking with their accuracy and others are just giggle-worthy, hehe.

As of this posting, there were almost 600 pictures in the group. I can’t wait to see new additions.