10 Fun Facts about Slurpees for 7/11 Slurpee Day

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Yep, today is 7/11 and that means another year of free Slurpees from 7-Eleven between 11am-7pm. I don’t have any where I am, boo! To celebrate, though, here are some fun facts about slurpees.

All the flavors of slurpees from 7-eleven gas station convenience stores on National Slurpee Day

  1. In Australia, Slurpee Day is on November 7 because Aussies are crazy and put the date as day/year…and therefore, it’s 7/11.
  2. Canadians purchase more than 30 million drinks every year, with 189k of those being from Winnipeg.
  3. The Piña Colada, Twizzler Strawberry, Tropicana Grape Wild Strawberry and Monster Black flavors are the only slurpees that aren’t kosher-certified.
  4. In 1970, 7-Eleven released a 45 titled "Dance the Slurp" that was given away with Slurpee purchases. The B-side was a comedy bit detailing "strange things" that happen to people who "slurp" at 7-Eleven.
  5. The edible straw was introduced in 2004.
  6. In Australia on September 21, 2011, customers could bring in their own cups (or container, regardless of size and fill it full of Slurpee for only $2.60 (a portion of the price of a Super Slurpee) as long as it would fit through a cutout hole limiting the size; this however did not stop people from receiving up to and above 5 liters of Slurpee for less than the price of a Super Slurpee.
  7. A dual-chambered Slurpee cup was announced for June 2011 release which uses a double straw and switchable valve to allow consumers to drink either of the flavors alone or both flavors simultaneously.
  8. The 7-Eleven chain where Slurpees are sold exclusively (with the exception of a few deals such as with Six Flags) turns 85 this year.
  9. Since it was introduced in 1966, around 6.5 billion slurpees have been sold. That’s enough for everyone in the world to have one.
  10. The scientific name for “brain freeze” is “Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia.”

Facts about Food Friday – Make your own shaker jars

Facts about Food Friday

So it’s been a little while since the last FaF, but no matter. I’ll make it up to you with this genius fact:

Canning jars have the same size top as parmesan cheese shakers.

Why should you care? Because that means you can turn any old glass jar (not the wide-mouthed kind) into your own shaker bottle.

Mason jar with green parmesean cheese jar shaker top lid

Not that you should be buying those cheap green jars of parmesan “cheese” anyway, but if you have any sitting in the back of your fridge, might as well put them to use. Think outside the standard box of shaker jars and consider storing your bread crumbs in them for an easy way to add a quick topping to a casserole.

Or store your cat’s favorite nutritional yeast and garlic power in one. Not that I’ve ever done this, of course. Just hypothetically speaking, if your cat is addicted to powdered yeast, this would make it really easy to shake on her food every morning…

Facts About Food Friday – Heart cake without a special pan

Yay, Of Home and Muse had a picture example. Easy enough, right?

FAF #4

Who needs a heart-shaped cake pan if you have a square one and a circle one? Bake a cake in each, cut the circle one in half, turn the square so it’s facing like a diamond, and then add each circle half to the top sides. Yay, a heart!

I don’t bake cakes often, but I wish I would’ve thought of this one a long time ago. I’ve been lugging around a large awkward shaped heart cake pan for many years now, just because I thought maybe I’d need it at some point. It’s had a few uses over the years, like the time my mom made a Mickey Mouse cake using a heart as the base. But you have no idea how much of a pain in the butt it is to stack in a cabinet. It would never lay flat. Boo. :(