Facts About Food Friday – Heart cake without a special pan

Yay, Of Home and Muse had a picture example. Easy enough, right?

FAF #4

Who needs a heart-shaped cake pan if you have a square one and a circle one? Bake a cake in each, cut the circle one in half, turn the square so it’s facing like a diamond, and then add each circle half to the top sides. Yay, a heart!

I don’t bake cakes often, but I wish I would’ve thought of this one a long time ago. I’ve been lugging around a large awkward shaped heart cake pan for many years now, just because I thought maybe I’d need it at some point. It’s had a few uses over the years, like the time my mom made a Mickey Mouse cake using a heart as the base. But you have no idea how much of a pain in the butt it is to stack in a cabinet. It would never lay flat. Boo. :(


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