Facts about Food Friday – Candy hogs

FAF #2

In 1980, Americans consumed 16.1 lbs. of candy *per person.* In ’93, that jumped to 21.9lbs. The candy industry actually set a goal for “25 by 95,” but it didn’t meet it. By ’98, though, it was up to 25.2lbs per person, though.

Seriously? That was back in 1998, so I can’t even imagine what it is now. That’s the most updated statistic I can find, though. That works out to be roughly 195 candy bars a year.

The thing is, I know I don’t eat a candy bar every other day. I don’t even eat one every week. There are a lot of other people who eat even less candy than I do. You know what that means? There are tons of people who eat waaayy more than I do to average that number out. Holy cow.


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