Facts about Food Friday – Make your own shaker jars

Facts about Food Friday

So it’s been a little while since the last FaF, but no matter. I’ll make it up to you with this genius fact:

Canning jars have the same size top as parmesan cheese shakers.

Why should you care? Because that means you can turn any old glass jar (not the wide-mouthed kind) into your own shaker bottle.

Mason jar with green parmesean cheese jar shaker top lid

Not that you should be buying those cheap green jars of parmesan “cheese” anyway, but if you have any sitting in the back of your fridge, might as well put them to use. Think outside the standard box of shaker jars and consider storing your bread crumbs in them for an easy way to add a quick topping to a casserole.

Or store your cat’s favorite nutritional yeast and garlic power in one. Not that I’ve ever done this, of course. Just hypothetically speaking, if your cat is addicted to powdered yeast, this would make it really easy to shake on her food every morning…


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