Mexican Frankenstein Casserole – Why settle for boring?

Frankenstein casserole with veggies for face; Homemade tortilla chips for dipping into black bean dipping and monster face for Halloween
Mexican cheese casserole
That is a casserole.
A plain ol’, boring casserole, that I’m sure tasted perfectly lovely. It was completely edible and might have gotten an “oo” or an “ah” or maybe even an “mmm” a few times through the meal.
But it’s nothing special.
Frankestein casserole with cheese face, pepper bolts, pepper hair, olive scar and hair, pickles for eyes, pepper stem nose
Add some of these, though? Some completely innocent veggies that don’t really mean anything on their own?
And you get something way more fabulous:
Frankestein monster mexican casserole with cheese face, pepper bolts, pepper hair, black olive scar and hair, pickles for eyes, pepper stem nose

THAT is what will be remembered. It doesn’t matter if maybe it could’ve used a bit more cheese or maybe the corn had been in the freeze just a little too long and lacked flavor. It was an edible monster! And with Halloween right around the corner, you really have no excuse not to have some fun with your own.

Frankestein casserole with cheese face, pepper bolts, pepper hair, sliced black olives scar and hair, pickles for eyes, pepper stem nose Photobucket
It actually had different teeth to begin with. I tried making separate teeth and it looked ridiculous. Then again, I’m not sure it looked much better after the modification, but I thought it helped.
And even Mom got in on the action with some monster nose-picking.
Frankestein casserole with cheese face, pepper bolts, pepper hair, olive scar and hair, pickles for eyes, pepper stem nose
Yes, I come from a very, very mature family. I’m obviously  breaking my mother’s heart here by playing with my food so much. :P 

Hello Kitty tortilla pizzas

You know Hello Kitty, right? If not, you should probably leave the internet now and never come back. :P

Pretty close, yeah? I used olives for the eyes and whiskers, sesame seeds for the nose, and pepperoni for the bow. Oh right, and a mozzarella cheese base, of course.

The girls had been watching me carefully cut the tortillas and once they finally guessed what I was making, they were so excited. It’s not even that I have any Hello Kitty fans, so much as it was that they loved being able to recognize what I was creating.

They were each slightly different, too. The bows weren’t quite right, so I kept fiddling. Some were fatter, some had higher whispers, etc. Some had funky ears.

Because they’re used to having tomato sauce with pizza-esque items, we had some red Hello Kitties, too, hehe.

I thought it was really funny how they each ate theirs, too. Instead of starting at one point and eating straight through to another (or requesting I cut it into pizza sliced triangles like they usually want), they each eat around the face in one way or another:

When I’d been cutting the tortillas, a couple of them were too kitty like and not cartoon Hello Kitty enough, so I pushed them to the side. With a little altering, though, they were still usable. My little sister came through and turned them into Pretty Kitties instead:


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Tortilla pizzas don’t have to be boring

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tortilla pizza
For me, tortilla pizzas are usually a lazy quick, easy meal that are made of, at most, cheese, pepperoni, and sauce (which may or may not even have seasonings). There might be the occasional fluke where I turn them into Hello Kitty pizzas (oh my god, I don’t have that posted….what is wrong with me??), but usually, they’re nothing special.

The above kicked it up a notch into almost classy. The crust may be a cheap tortilla, but the top was filled with proscuitto, feta, freshly wilted spinach, cheddar, red onions, and olives. Yum.

No matter how classy you try to make them, though, if you’re preparing them with me, it’s guaranteed I’m going to subtract at least 50 points from your efforts. They don’t have to be boring, but they certainly do have to have a smiley face. :P