Watch YouTube while you microwave – Internet addicts rejoice!

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Cast Oven are apparently the people behind the consumer gadget that should be placed next to the Internet toaster and the Wi-Fi Fridge. –source

So you put your food in, push start, and this microwave automatically connects to the internet and chooses a YouTube video for you of exactly the same length.

Now when you’re resisting the urge to cook yourself some food because you really, really don’t want to step away from the internet, you can be rest assured, knowing the internet will be there for you again, right across the kitchen, while you cook. Sorta.

Hello Kitty tortilla pizzas

You know Hello Kitty, right? If not, you should probably leave the internet now and never come back. :P

Pretty close, yeah? I used olives for the eyes and whiskers, sesame seeds for the nose, and pepperoni for the bow. Oh right, and a mozzarella cheese base, of course.

The girls had been watching me carefully cut the tortillas and once they finally guessed what I was making, they were so excited. It’s not even that I have any Hello Kitty fans, so much as it was that they loved being able to recognize what I was creating.

They were each slightly different, too. The bows weren’t quite right, so I kept fiddling. Some were fatter, some had higher whispers, etc. Some had funky ears.

Because they’re used to having tomato sauce with pizza-esque items, we had some red Hello Kitties, too, hehe.

I thought it was really funny how they each ate theirs, too. Instead of starting at one point and eating straight through to another (or requesting I cut it into pizza sliced triangles like they usually want), they each eat around the face in one way or another:

When I’d been cutting the tortillas, a couple of them were too kitty like and not cartoon Hello Kitty enough, so I pushed them to the side. With a little altering, though, they were still usable. My little sister came through and turned them into Pretty Kitties instead:


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