Rudolph the Cocoa Krispy Reindeer…had a very candy nose…

Chocolate Cocoa Rice Krispy crispy treats with pretzel antlers and legs, and candy noses ears faces


So obviously, they’re cute. No doubt about it.

But you wanna know what makes them even cuter?

That as soon as I saw them, I pictured them moving and talking like old school Rudolph the Reindeer movie.

 Old Rudolph the Reindeer movie screenshot stillOld Rudolph the Reindeer movie screenshot still

Yep, definitely cuter now. Make a dozen or two, act out the entire movie, and eat them when you’re done.

Wait. That turns the classic movie into a horror film, huh? Maybe just eat them the next day after the film nostalgia has passed.

Teenage chocolate ninja turtles – Heroes on a half spoon!

Nablopomo – Favorite candy – Chocolate

Chocolate pecan and pretzel turtles that really look like turtles

Adorable, no? As if candy turtles could get any better beyond their pecan caramely chocolatey goodness, then somebody had to go and add turtle heads.

That somebody was Robin Sue from Big Red Kitchen, and if you read her About Me section, you can get a great sense of how funny and awesome she is in both the kitchen and her blog writing. Here is where I tried to sum up the variety of recipes and stories she posts in a single line and well, it just wasn’t happening because there’s too much to say….so just go look. :P

Chocolate pecan and pretzel turtles that really look like turtles

And then she does stuff like this that really tickles my fancy. Do you see that tail??  Her tutorial gives the full low-down on how to do it and with even more adorable pictures than the teasers I gave you here. Look at those faces!

Chocolate pecan and pretzel turtles that really look like turtles

Oh, and if you have any nut allergies in your house, you’ll be happy to notice the pretzel leg alternatives. Yum.

Extra large pocky wands (chocolate covered pretzel rods or sesame sticks)


That’s what the kids described them as anyway. The teen loves pocky but it’s not easily accessible where we live. Basically, she used to be able to get it at the bowling alley, but it’s not exactly cheap, she and her friends aren’t exactly rich, and they aren’t huge bowlers either.

She’d been begging me to try to make pocky myself, but I got really lucky and this turned out tasting like it instead. I was expecting them to taste like chocolate covered pretzels, but turns out, those are large sesame sticks….and are much softer than hard pretzel rods. I broke several just while trying to dip them in chocolate.

I had made these as a last minute appetizer to hold the kids over at a birthday party. The food wasn’t going to be ready for a little while longer, but I knew everyone was hungry. I don’t even buy sprinkles, but a friend of the family had passed a box of stuff she’d never use on to us, and there was a tiny container of those lovely pink, red, and white sprinkles up there. Perfect!

Ultimately, they were a *huge* hit, especially for such a last minute idea. I scored a million extra bonus points for them tasting like pocky and the begging for more has increase 10x. Unfortunately, sesame sticks were a random purchase at a store that had them as a feature item, and I haven’t seen them since. Maybe I could find them online?

Tip – Turn these into a themed item. Have a Harry Potter fan? Skip the sprinkles. Got a magician on board? Dip the whole thing in dark chocolate and just the tip into white chocolate. Get creative! 

Tip – Whether you’re using fragile sticks like this or normal pretzel rods, lay them across a 9×13 pan (or an appropriate size depending on the size of yours). Avoid letting the chocolate end touch the pan as much as possible to avoid sticking. Toss them in the freezer for a quick set so your treat will be ready in a matter of minutes.