Burned belly buttons – Third time’s a charm

Obviously my belly button just prefers tempting fate with hot dishes. :(

This time, though, I have proof. Well at least sort of:

Burnt belly button remedy - Red burning sensation all around the belly button

It looks like only the area below my belly button is burned, but it was actually the whole area, even up above the belly button itself. Ouch.

I wasn’t leaning over a hot dish at all this time, though. I was dumping boiling water into the sink, resting the pan on the edge like I always do. Well apparently some decided to trickle down the underside and start running down the cabinet. It was a small enough amount that it slowly soaked the front of my shirt without me noticing. Then when some hit my feet, I backed up instinctively, only to pull the wet shirt up against myself, burning the whole area.

Boooo! Obviously it wasn’t too bad, as you can see from the picture, but it still hurt for a few days, bleh.

I really just wanted to make cookies :( (Wordless Wednesday)

Box of 101 cookie cutters spilled on the floor

Rainbows after a storm? – Birthday must go on (Picture heavy)

You’ve seen lots of birthday cakes and party pictures here before. They’re a big deal for us!

For as long as I can remember, my mom would spend the whole morning working on the birthday cake, usually hidden away in the kitchen by sheets tacked up across doorways so no one could peek. Birthday person’s eyes are even shielded up until the very moment that everyone is gathered around the table with the cake right in front of their spot.

Sometimes, that doesn’t go quite as planned, though. My sister’s birthday 3 years ago was all sorts of crazy.

A large craft/art fair that’s held near us and we go to every year just happened to fall on the same day that year. We got up early, rushed off to the event, spent a few hours crafting to our little heart’s content and browsing as many of the vendors as possible (and getting face paint!), before scooting back off home for the rest of the day’s plans.

Only….did I mention that my mom had been sick? And that by the time we left, she was ready to crash already? And guess who still had a cake to prepare and party to throw? Yep!

This year’s cake? Kit Kat mountain with a 3D rainbow.

Which is exactly what my mom made, but not exactly what my sister got.

Instead, this happened not long before the party was set to start:

That lovely crack right down the middle meant there would be no more standing it back up either.

But the show must go on, right? So icing was scraped away as much as possible, the rainbow laid flat instead of upright, and the remaining icing was smoothed across with a butter knife.

Add some white linings and last minute snow on the mountain, and we were good to go, wee! Can you see the remaining cake still stuck to the mountain where it fell? Oops!

Ultimately, it ended up looking pretty cool still and now comes with quite the story, too, huh? Hehe.

And I’m pretty sure, judging by these reaction pictures, birthday girl wasn’t too disappointed by it either.

And as if this post didn’t already have a ton of pictures, here’s a few more…

From the bottom of that picture to the top, that’s a cooked frozen pizza, a mess of cake and icing gone crazy, the heart pan she cut the rainbow out of, and another few pizzas back there.

Yes, there’s a reason she got a watermelon for her birthday. No, I’m not telling you what it is. :P

That’s a glob of icing. Really, not a good day for icing going where it was supposed to go.

Every kid should have a good pet rock or two…

Okay, that’s it for now. As I continue going through old CDs of pictures, I’m sure I’ll have more picture-heavy posts like this for ya, so be prepared.