Let’s talk business for a moment

Owl made of cantaloupe, watermelon, lettuce, peppers, etc - Food art


First things first: I’m not at any of my normal residences right now and while I did everything I could to minimize roadblocks during this time, things didn’t go as planned. I brought my various hard drives, CDs, DVDs, memory cards, etc, with me….however, not only did I have some hardware fail not long after getting up here, but I also have some compatibility issues. 

What does that mean for you? Some of my posts might look a little funky for a while. I don’t have Windows Live Writer, my main blogging program, so things may be a little less consistent. 

Worse news? All of the drafts that I had saved and ready to go before I left, are stuck elsewhere now. I can’t access them. So Kayla, I had some of your creations writen up and ready….like the icing sandwiches and bunny cookies from a while back…. but no go for now. Kyli, I thought I had yours scheduled to post and that it would’ve gone up by now, but apparently I just had it saved as a draft…which means it didn’t make it to the internet at all, like I assumed. I can either re-write it or wait until later….which sucks. Vegas stuff in general is in a mix of places. BlogHer conference photos will go up eventually, but they’re currently on my camera still and Photoshop is flaking out with converting my watermark and whatnot, so editing has been a pain. 


Second things second: I’ve got a bunch of pictures already watermarked that will be coming your way as soon as I crawl out from underneath this pile of bill-paying freelance work. I also have a ton of stuff from other people that are awesome. 

And in the meantime, if anyone wants to guest post, please please, send it my way. I know you guys are incredible and I’m happy to post any of your creative strokes of genius. 

Every toddler mommy needs a hot dog cutter

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No, I’m not being sarcastic either. Really.

Hot dogs are one of those strange foods that kinda creep me out when it comes to letting kids eat them. Unfortunately, I’m not even talking about nutrition. How many hot dogs you feed your kids is your own business and I‘m not going to judge at all much. ;)

No, actually it’s the slippery, slimy texture and kids’ tendencies to take bites too big that cause my hear to skip a beat or two when I see parents hand over whole dogs to their one year olds. And if I’m watching your kid, you better believe it will always be cut right down the middle length-wise and then sliced across into several rows.


Which means I need one of these. This is exactly how I cut them and there aren’t any blades either, so even the kids can take care of chopping their hot dogs in one smooth, adorable move.


Come on, it even has a food/water bowl to add in ketchup or other random condiments. Yes, yes, I know it’s a silly, unnecessary unitasker….but for only 6 bucks? You’ll save more than plenty of time by not having to slice every one over the years by yourself, and you won’t have to pull me out of your throat when I jump down it for you not cutting them. :P

Mommy, where do raisins come from?

Nablopomo – Comic

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