“Please never make that hot yellow nasty stuff again”

Hominy skillet

Not every recipe is a winner. In fact, a good chunk of recipes really aren’t that great at all.

Sometimes that’s because they’re simply boring or bland or not that special.

Other times, though? It’s because they’re nasty.

What's the difference between Bush's white hominy maiz pozolero and golden yellow hominy

It all started with these innocent cans. I don’t even know why we had them or where we got them at this point. I don’t recall intentionally buying them because I’m not a huge fan of hominy. It had been years since I’d tried it, though, so maybe I had bought them on sale and wanted to compare kinds.

Cans of hominy to compare colors

Or maybe some evil friend of the family passed them on to us because -they- didn’t like them. Whatever the origination, they sat in our pantry for quite a while before I finally found a recipe that I thought would both use them up -and- cover any taste or texture issues I had with them.

Sauteed fried onions and peppers

Lots and lots of onions and peppers for to give it flavor…. 

Hominy fried in bacon grease

Plenty of bacon for good measure, because really, what can’t bacon cover and make better?

(I’ll give you a hint…this dish.)

Pile of hominy with cheese and bacon

Piled high with with cheese because well….bacon…cheese…. what could go wrong?


Blended until thoroughly cooked and almost disguised as the normal corn that we all love and enjoy. 
 Fried and then baked cheesy hominy casserole

Ultimately, no matter how it looked, it was not a favorite. In fact, on top of the poor texture and us all wishing we had stuck with only bacon and cheese, it was too hot for a couple of them. None of them could ever remember what it was called, but it went down in kitchen history as “that hot stuff you made that one time” or “that nasty thing you made that one time.”

As in, 2 years after the fact:

Me: Hey guys, what do you want for supper?
Them: Not that stuff you made that one time. ‘member? That hot yellow nasty stuff you made? I don’t want that.



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    May 30, 2012

    I can honestly say I don’t remember this.
    Whether it was just cooked on a night I wasn’t home or possibly I blocked from my memory, who knows.

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