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Nablopomo – Favorite Place – The Interwebs!

It’s true. The internet is definitely my favorite place to be. :P

In case you haven’t seen these weirdo blogs before, you should hop through at least a few to see what other people do with their free time.

Paula Deen Riding Things – An entire site of Paula Deen, The Butter Queen, riding things.

Paula deen riding butter and things on blog food site Paula Deen riding gif

Bea Arthur Mountains Pizza – If you don’t it, don’t worry….it really is just Photoshopped pictures that include Bea Arthur, mountains, and uh, pizza….

Bea Arthur with mountains and pizza Bea Arthur with mountains and pizza

Bread People – Lots of people with various breads for heads.

Stephen Colebert bear claw head Toast Rider - Ghost rider picture with smuckers strawberry jelly jam

Album Tacos – Who doesn’t love tacos and music? Why not have them together then? And there’s tons of old albums, too, so if you don’t recognize newer ones, no worries, there’s something for everybody. If, you know, you’re into this kinda thing…

Photobucket Photobucket

Lunchbag Art – Why should brown-bagging it be boring? Here’s an awesome dad who draws on lunch bags.


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