How to serve spaghetti elegantly – Can I still slurp?

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Favorites are hard for me. I’m insanely indecisive when it comes to things that really don’t matter, and when it comes to choosing what my favorite food is, all I can think is “why should I have to choose?? give me them all!”

But as a kid, spaghetti was my favorite and I’ll stick with that. It doesn’t mean it’s the most fabulous food in the world, and to be honest, I eat it in such boring ways frequently that gladly take pizza or steak or shrimp instead in a heartbeat. But for a go-to food? Spaghetti is definitely it.


At a glance, I think that looks really cool. What an interesting way to serve spaghetti without it looking like plain ol’ boring spaghetti.

It sure beats how we’ve seen me eat it before:

But then I made the mistake of reading *how* to create the gorgeous ring of spaghetti above.

You cook your pasta as usual and then toss it in cold water. Next, toss with melted butter and place it in a ring mold or bunt pan. Next, you simply chill (to set the butter) (it can even be made a day ahead if you need to)….. A sauce of your choosing is prepared and placed inside the ring and perched on top. You can cut slices and serve….


Nevermind then.

As a couple of  commenters said, “A congealed mass of starch doesn’t look or sound very appetizing.” and “This looks awful. Chewy, cold and congealed…blech.”….. I kinda have to agree. The idea of refrigerating it  to make the butter congeal and set is a logical one, but when it comes to eating it, I think I’ll pass.

I play with my food a lot. I love making it look fun or more entertaining, whether for the kids or just for myself, but at the end of the day, I want it to *taste* good, too. What good is it otherwise?


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    November 3, 2011

    Cold spaghetti sounds awful. Surely there must be a way to have it stay that way hot. but cold…. no thank you.

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    Quirky Jessi
    November 4, 2011

    I don’t know how else to make it hold its shape, but I’ll pass on it entirely knowing it’d have to be served cold this way.

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