When the Quirkster moves – Where to eat breakfast?

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When I moved back in July, I posted some pictures on Facebook, but it didn’t even scratch the surface of the ones I wanted to share. Expect the next few posts to show you how I move and cook with style.

And by style, I mean, serving microwaved oatmeal in various sized plastic storage bowls….on top of a fireplace in the middle of the kitchen.

Notice also that it’s at an angle, meaning there was little room to wedge a body on one side and through the kitchen into the dining room. 
If you must have a logical reason for the fireplace being in the middle of the kitchen, it’s because it was one big set of musical furniture. In order to get the stuff into the living room, the fireplace had to be moved to the dining room, but in order to move it into the dining room, the stuff in the dining room had to be moved. And in order to move the stuff out of the dining room, it had to be moved into the living room, but couldn’t move into the dining room until the living room was cleared out, so….
So it was in progress to the dining room when breakfast called for the little ones. I didn’t have real dishes out yet and I certainly didn’t have the stove cleaned off….or any way to even get to the stove, so into the microwave it all went. I prepped it on the fire place right there, but sent them outside to eat. Yay for early summer mornings being gorgeous. 
The rest of the posts about my big move can be found here


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