When QJ moves – Part 2 – What’s the difference between a pan and a pot?

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Generally, this is a pan I use to fry foods in, whether it’s sauteeing onions and garlic, browning pork chops, or actually using it as a shallow deep fryer sometimes even.

I tried finding a definite definition of pot vs. pan, but apparently it’s kind of vague. Here’s what one site says:

“One difference between a pot and a pan is their size and shape. Pots are deeper, with high sides. They have a circular base, and the sides of a pot tend to go straight up. A pan, on the other hand, is fairly shallow. The sides may only come up a couple of inches from the base. 

Another difference between a pot and a pan is their purpose. A pot is typically used for liquids. ” 

Another said this: “Generally it is the the handles, a pot has 2 and a pan has one… ” 

Well. This pan is fairly shallow, generally used for frying, etc. Technically it has two “handles” but that’s debatable. Today’s purpose definitely took it from  being a pan to being a pot, though. 

Yes, not only did I resort to fixing ramen, but I also cooked it in a frying pan, hehe. 

And for the record, we call it “top ramen.” Where I live now, I do refer to it as “ramen noodles” pronounced “ray-men,” just so people know what the heck I’m talking about. “Top ramen” is pronounced “rah-meh”….close to “raw.” People tend to think I’m crazy for that, but I took a picture of top ramen as proof. 

So while I understand that’s a brand name, it’s no different than saying Kleenex instead of tissue, and that’s what I grew up referring to it as. “Ramen noodles” still sounds so foreign to me, ha. 

Oh, and yes, it was served in more plastic bowls.

And outside. Hey, it was the cleanest place of the house. 

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