I can taste the birthday!

My life revolves around food.

What am I going to cook?
Oh my god, doesn’t that look amazing!
Do I have the ingredients for that?
Mmm, I’m craving such ‘n’ such.
Have you ever had this dish?
Where’s the beef?

Day after day, my conversations with other people inevitably seem to circle around food, too. Here’s a quick MSN conversation with a friend who couldn’t wait to tell me about his breakfast. I even set him up without realizing it!

Me:  do you like french toast?

Z: Yup.

Z: I like anything with syrup.

Z: I made waffles out of birthday cake batter…

Z: You could taste the birthday.

Z: Try it.

Me: :D

Me: That’s awesome!

Me: I should

Z: Birthday tastes awesome.

Z:A autistic and very large friend of mine was like “What the h*ll is this?”

Z:”Waffles, eat it.”

Z: “They don’t look right.” “They are made from cake batter.” “oh, ok…” om nom nom “Holy sh*t, it IS made from cake batter. I can taste the birthday.”

Doesn’t that just make you say “aww,” giggle, and crave birthday cake waffles? Screw the rainbow….I want to taste the birthday!


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    September 28, 2010

    We had a birthday yesterday! My daughter turned 5.

    Meijer has birthday cake flavored ice cream too. It’s awesome!

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    Quirky Jessi
    September 28, 2010

    I’ve heard about that ice cream but haven’t seen it here. I want to try it! :(

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