The wattle waddles…er, wobbles – Thanksgiving turkey cheeseball

That was one of my Thanksgiving dinner contributions.

I can’t even remember which cheeseball recipe I used, but it was delicious, rolled in a mix of chopped walnuts, almonds, and pecans. What? I couldn’t decide.

The wattle is made of a tiny piece of spaghetti, soaked in red food coloring. The neck and head piece are from a Slim Jim that I forced to hold its shape with a clip for a while.

The beak is a bit of cream cheese colored yellow, and the eyes are the same concept. I did my icing with the tiny corners of ziploc bags like this:

And the tailfeathers? They’re a combination of pretzel sticks in the front and larger sesame sticks in the back row. By the end, only a few tail feathers remained, and even those didn’t make it through the night. Delicious.

Meat-copia – Cornucopia made out of sausages, pepperoni, bacon

The site refers to it as a bacon-copia, so you could go with that instead.

Really, it’s a bacon horn stuffed with 20 hot Italian sausages, 4 pork chops, 1 black pudding sausage, 1 white pudding sausage, 1 pound of scrapple (I didn’t even know what that was before now), pepperoni, and salami.