Another one bites the dust OR Don’t cry over spilled spaghetti

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Box of spaghetti all over the floor

It’s a great thing I have this habit of taking pictures of everything. Otherwise, you’d miss out on the glory of my mistakes. In this case, it was a full box of spaghetti that someone opened on the bottom and then put back in the cabinet right-side up. Oops.

Actually, now that I think about it, I’d forgotten just how many times I’ve shared our spills and accidents already:

Broken oil on concrete

A full box of groceries

A mess of cookie cutters

Cookie cutters

Salt shaker mishap

Salt shaker in the sauce

That’s not to mention the broken cake, garbage disposal mishap, destroyed pans/dishes, random burns, and failed recipes. Oy, we’re a mess! :P

Flying spaghetti monster? – More face smileys!

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Flying spaghetti monster with pasta, pretzels, and breadstick eyes

Bread that's smiling

waffles, poached eggs, and chocolate smiley face

strawberry smiley

Smiley face with omelet and pancake eyes

Angry tuna fish chunk slices

Kiwi is unhappy


Man on the moon cheese ....or is it melon/cantaloupe?


Even more?

How to serve spaghetti elegantly – Can I still slurp?

Nablopomo – Favorite food – Spaghetti

Favorites are hard for me. I’m insanely indecisive when it comes to things that really don’t matter, and when it comes to choosing what my favorite food is, all I can think is “why should I have to choose?? give me them all!”

But as a kid, spaghetti was my favorite and I’ll stick with that. It doesn’t mean it’s the most fabulous food in the world, and to be honest, I eat it in such boring ways frequently that gladly take pizza or steak or shrimp instead in a heartbeat. But for a go-to food? Spaghetti is definitely it.


At a glance, I think that looks really cool. What an interesting way to serve spaghetti without it looking like plain ol’ boring spaghetti.

It sure beats how we’ve seen me eat it before:

But then I made the mistake of reading *how* to create the gorgeous ring of spaghetti above.

You cook your pasta as usual and then toss it in cold water. Next, toss with melted butter and place it in a ring mold or bunt pan. Next, you simply chill (to set the butter) (it can even be made a day ahead if you need to)….. A sauce of your choosing is prepared and placed inside the ring and perched on top. You can cut slices and serve….


Nevermind then.

As a couple of  commenters said, “A congealed mass of starch doesn’t look or sound very appetizing.” and “This looks awful. Chewy, cold and congealed…blech.”….. I kinda have to agree. The idea of refrigerating it  to make the butter congeal and set is a logical one, but when it comes to eating it, I think I’ll pass.

I play with my food a lot. I love making it look fun or more entertaining, whether for the kids or just for myself, but at the end of the day, I want it to *taste* good, too. What good is it otherwise?