How to make Hello Kitty sushi

The video is a bit long and could stand to be sped up. I skipped forward through some sections, but it’s really neat to see exactly how she formed the sushi rolls to make it look like Hello Kitty. :)

This isn’t the one from the video, but it’s pretty much the same final result: 


Fried bananas on cinnamon toast

Fried cinnamon and sugar banana slices

Now that Nablopomo is over, I figure it’s time to get back to posting more of the projects and foods I’ve made myself. I’m constantly talking about things I’ve done before, go to find the link, and realize that I never got around to posting about it. Bleh.

These fried bananas are ones I actually forgot about, which is funny, because my forgetfulness is what led to them in the first place. I kept buying a single plantain with the intent of us getting to try fried plantains, only to then forget it bought it until long after it’d gone soft, black, and furry slimy nasty.

Finally, I gave up and made fried bananas randomly one morning to go with the cinnamon toast I’d already planned. Fried cinnamon and sugar banana slices before being cooked

How’d I make them? I, uh, winged it. I sliced the bananas, tossed them with a combination of flour and cinnamon, and then fried them in a pan, likely with butter.

Fried cinnamon and sugar banana slices

Wait, no, looks like oil. *Eyes the right-hand side of the photo* Yep, oil.

I don’t remember what I did when I was winging it. Don’t judge. That’s what the pictures are for…to remind me how I did something. :P

Cinnamon and sugar toast in the broiler

Anyyywaaaayyyy….cinnamon toast. Butter, sugar, cinnamon on bread in the broiler. Complicated, I know.

Fried cinnamon and sugar banana slices on cinnamon toast

I tried to be all technical and precise by lining a certain number of slices on each piece of bread for a picture. But really, that’s ugly and unappetizing.

Fried cinnamon and sugar banana slices on cinnamon toast

Piling it on was much, much better.

Fried cinnamon and sugar banana slices on cinnamon toast

Because I was winging it, I accidentally overcompensated for the sweetness of the bananas, thinking the toast and bananas should both be unsweetened. Turns out, they weren’t really sweet enough, so I sprinkled a little sugar on top. Kids loved it.

Fried cinnamon and sugar banana slices on cinnamon toast - mini sandwich

I hear these are also good on vanilla ice cream. Oh, and if you’re wanting an actual recipe, it looks like the common ration is 1 teaspoon cinnamon to 1/4 cup flour for about 4 bananas. I have no idea how accurate that is, though. That would imply I measured.

How to puree pumpkin – Throw it across the yard!

NaBloPoMo – Something you miss

No Mom, we didn’t break any windows, as evidence by your door still being intact and none of us getting into big trouble when you got home that day. :P

In fact, I believe that particular sugar pumpkin ended up in the pool actually….and this was just a funky angle of picture, making it look like it’s going the other direction.

There are a lot of things I miss, but this is a perfect example of something I wish I’d spent more time doing and still had access to doing now. Who else could I spend so much time throwing pumpkins with?

A few years ago, I discovered the wonders of pumpkin puree, so last year, instead of just grabbing a few pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns, my mom bought, oh, about 12 pumpkins for me. Awesome, no?

Unfortunately, opening up lots of pumpkins with a butcher knife isn’t quite as easy or fast as you might think. The year before, I did drop a couple pumpkins off our porch to get them cracked a bit, but that just wasn’t going to cut it last year.

Instead, I gathered the girls, mostly still in their pj’s, and we threw them all over the back patio area. Pumpkin seeds and guts were everywhere, including in the pool.

If you can’t tell, it was an absolute blast.

Even Buddy enjoyed it, stealing the pumpkin stems, chewing on them like bones, and attempting to bury them after playing fetch for a while.

After all the pumpkins were sufficiently broken, we separated all the seeds into a bowl and I spent the afternoon washing, baking, pureeing, and freezing pumpkin before roasting up all the seeds.

(Shockingly enough, that is *not* all the pictures I took. To see more mad pumpkin throwing skills, clicky here for the QC photo album.)