Groundhog’s Day meatloaves – Happy Rodent Day!

I think my meatball groundhogs are more like meatloaf gophers, but same idea, right? B thought they were more like squirrels even, oops! And another looks more like a rat. Hmm. A rodent is a rodent?

Or not.

Gopher groundhog meatloaf meatball with cheese teeth chocolate radish eyes chocolate ears cranberry nose

I wasn’t sure what to make the cartoon faces out of, so tried a few different things. This one has radish and  and cut chocolate baking chips as eyes, cranberry nose, monterey jack teeth, and baking chip ears. I gave each rodent a lobotomy, it seems, to wedge their new found body parts into.

Meatloaf meat loaf meatball gopher groundhog rat rodent with oyster cracker ears, radish and chocolate eyes, cranberry nose, cheese teeth

I tried oyster crackers for ears on this one and cut the cranberry in half so it’d be flatter on this one. Not that you can tell in the picture, but he’s a little less Rudolph-ish.

Gopher caught in the headlights! Er, I mean, ground hog. I switched to dark colored cranberries cut in half for the eyes and walnuts for ears. This one is a little more squirrel-like.

I’m thinking along the lines of Animaniac’s Skippy when he’s crying, similar to the 1:50 point in this video.

Anyway, more rodents!

I tried going for a more realistic “groundhog walking around on the ground” viewpoint, but uh, yeah, it looks like a rat, hehe. The only thing that’s missing is a licorice tail.

When I started running out of time, I solicited some help. :D This little guy is my sister’s groundhog. Oh, and that’s brown mustard on the eyes to help stick some of the parts together. My little rodent family:

groundhog gopher rat squirrel meatballs meat balls meat loaves meat loaf with radishes, cheese, chocolate, cranberries
Happy Groundhog’s Day, guys!

Meat loaf baby with bacon diaper – Don’t eat the baby!

Meatloaf meat loaf baby with diaper made out of bacon

Yep, that’s meatloaf shaped into a baby, complete with bacon diaper. I originally saw it on This is Why You’re Fat. Of course, this should be reason ‘not’ to make it, but come on, it’s a meat baby!

Meatloaf meat loaf baby with diaper made out of bacon

Mine isn’t as fat as the one on TIWYF. The meat is also half ground beef and half turkey. I was afraid that using all beef would cause it to shrivel up and become deformed (and I like mixing in turkey anyway because it’s healthier, so all the more reason here). That also explains the slightly lighter, more yellow color as it browned.

Meatloaf meat loaf baby with diaper made out of bacon

The diaper is made of bacon, the eyes of sweet pickle ends (I had also made some potato salad, so I just used the ends I cut off), and the mouth is drawn on with ketchup.

As this was finishing up, a friend of mine kept sending me pictures via text of the foods they were eating. They went out to a lovely restaurant and all the pictures were of drool-worthy foods placed perfectly on their beds of lettuce on white plates.


And I, being the one that gets jealous and envious of everyone else’s delicious food, popped into competitive mode and said “I can do that!”

Meat baby with arms and legs cut off

I chopped off the arms and legs, and served those for supper. The baby already reminded us of the Gingerbread Man, but as I started cutting the arms/legs off, it became clear that it was just like the Gingerbread Man in Shrek.


I almost felt bad for it, but my food envy got the best of me and I moved forward with my plans to have the same thing someone else had.


I chopped off the head and placed it carefully on my own bed of lettuce and white plate.

Meat baby head on bed of lettuce

Pfft. Mine’s better. ;)