Duck Butt Cake – Quirky bunny parties hard

Graduation duck cake with rubber ducky decorations

Let’s flash back to January 18, 2009 when these pictures were taken. I had just finished getting my degree at OSU the previous month and it was time to celebrate.

I’m torn between thinking “Holy cow, that was just 3 years ago” and “Holy cow, it’s already been 3 years? Wtf have I been doing??” Yikes.

Quirky Jessi kissing 3D duck

The previous summer, I had been visiting home and in one of my particularly quirky moods, I became obsessed with a 3D duck cake pan at a yard sale and convinced my mom to not only buy it, but agree to make a cake for me for a graduation party we weren’t even planning yet, lol. I didn’t let her forget either and she obviously followed through.

Yes, I did say I graduated college…with a real degree…with multiple minor specializations…at the top of my class. And yes, I chose to have a duck cake with lots of little rubber duckies. If that blows your mind, wait until you see me playing with glow sticks and dancing the night away with toddlers. ;)

3d duck cake

On an equally as quirky obsession note, I called dibbs on the duck butt. Don’t ask why….I don’t know. I just *had* to have the duck butt. It has a nice ring to it, right? Duck butt, duck butt, duck butt.


Anyway…. as with every party or cake post I do, I have tons of pictures, so I put most of them into a collage. Mouse over them and they’ll pop up a slightly larger version or click on through to see the full pictures. Some of them come with stories, though, and they’ll be on down.

Oh, and any of you who attended the party and don’t quite recall some of the details that are now showing in your pictures, it’s because I’ve replaced all your “adult beverages” with baby bottles. PG-13, y’all. ;)

B with a glow stick ball on her headQuirky Jessi with spinning glow stick ballglow stick ball on his head

The top middle pictures is how glow stick balls look put together, but for whatever reason, they ended up as hats to spin on our heads, too.

Family at graduation party

You know it’s a good party when only a few people know the picture is being taken, but everyone in it is smiling.

Jessi dancing with lots of kidsJessi come here and dance

That second one is my “come hither, you’re dancing with me, too” move.

I really don’t know if I sat down at all that night. I think I might’ve to eat. Maybe. Most of it was spent right out there on the floor with a bunch of kids, though, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I also drove many of them home at the end of the night, too….my home…and we all crashed on couches and floors.

Kid slumber party Kid man falling asleep with toy still

Some of us obviously weren’t done partying, even when bodies said it was time to sleep.

Graduation hat on a cake Slaughtered duck head with fork in the cake

But never fear, the next day brought more duck cake fun. And in case I didn’t say it enough then or you don’t get the impression here, thanks for the fabulous party. <3

Turducken Week – How to put a bird in a bird in a bird…

Roasted turducken recipe - Duck inside chicken inside turkey

My first encounter with turducken was in 2006. I know this, because I blogged about it. I had seen it on an American-German-Dutch woman’s site and was in absolute awe. I was new to the blogging scene, both in terms of writing and reading others’ really, and while I thought I’d forget about this quirky poultry concoction, I didn’t.

Fast forward to 2009 and I made my own for the first time. I didn’t have a cooking blog at the time and the pictures I took were just to share with friends….and maybe to feel like I had proof that “holy cow, I just deboned three birds after having never deboned a single one before, stuffed them inside each other, and then cooked the whole thing without really knowing what the heck I was doing.”

(If you don’t want to see raw birds, this is the part where you skip to the bottom or to another post. I left most of the pictures small for you squeamish ones….just click them to see the large versions.)

Roasted turducken recipe - Duck inside chicken inside turkey - Deboned chicken and turkeyTurducken chicken and duck bones  - back and neck removed from poultry
Mom was at work that day and I probably called her 10 times before she made it home. The birds were bought, the recipes were found, the YouTube instruction videos had been watched repeatedly…..but really, cutting the bones out of multiple birds without tearing the meat and skin apart? That’s crazy.

Deboned turkey for turduckenRoasted turducken recipe - Duck inside chicken inside turkey - seasoned with various spices

But I did it. And it’s one of those random meals early on that we still talk about. I’m not sure any of us had duck before either, so that in and of itself was enjoyable.
Roasted turducken recipe - Duck inside chicken inside turkeyRoasted turducken recipe - Duck inside chicken inside turkey
^ That’s Mom tying it closed while I took some pictures. I’m shocked I got her to even touch it. :P
Raw turducken - Duck inside chicken inside turkey - Rubbed down with more spices
It looks a bit more appetizing all closed up and covered in spice rub, huh? Still just a naked bird, though.
Roasted turducken recipe - Duck inside chicken inside turkey

It wasn’t until this came out of the oven that I was in awe. Check out all that crispy, delicious skin with blackened spices. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Thanksgiving or Christmas plate filled with various side dishes and turduckenPhotobucket

Slicing it open probably could’ve looked prettier, but it didn’t even matter. It just looked neat to see all the different layers of dark and light meat. We had other items on the plate….looks like stuffing, a salad with honey mustard dressing, maybe a cauliflower and broccoli salad, and barbecued lil’ smokies. I can’t quite recall, but I do know we all went back for seconds….some of us thirds on the duck portion, hehe.

Turducken comic cartoon - Turkey, duck, and chicken in bed smoking cigarettes that says "Having satisfied their curiosity, the three friends went their separate ways and enver discussed "making a turducken" again."

In the last couple years, especially this year, I’ve seen soooo many turduckens and spins on the turducken. It’s everywhere! Everybody and their dog knows what a turducken is and wants to layer this dish or that to call it a ‘ducken of sorts.

So this week, I’m going to share several of those with you. The big cooking holidays are over for the year, but maybe you’ll find another reason to put some food in another food in another food in another food….