What does your salad dressing say about you?

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What your salad dressing says about you. Personality traits based on your favorite salad dressing choice.

    • Italian dressing (unidentified bits in the bottom) – You’re not much of an adventurer and it’s likely that Leonardo is your favorite ninja turtle.
    • French dressing – You’ve got quirk by the barrel full, but you write too much fan fiction.
    • Ceaser with bacon bits dressing – You’re a revel in the sense that you like to undermine things, such as the intention of a salad
    • Catalina dressing – You’re like the French dressing person but a little thinner.
    • Ranch dressing (colorful speckles, likely flecks from a precious stone) – You are a fun and pragmatic individual. There is no doubt that you’re using your ranch as both a dressing and dip.
    • Ranch with pepperbacon dressing – We should be friends.
    • Three cheese ranch dressing – You really don’t f*ck around, but won’t you let someone tame that wild heart of yours?
    • Thousand Island dressing – Stay away from my kids!
    • Blue cheese (with fine print that I can’t read) – Someone’s got carrot sticks in their crisper and a penchant for mischief.
    • Something vinegar or wine and olive oil – I bet you think you’re so healthy and ethically responsible, don’t you! Well that’s probably true. Good work!

So uh, I have a thing for sauces, in case you hadn’t noticed. If I’m at a restaurant and they offer me a sauce, I’m going to accept it. It doesn’t even matter if I’ve had another version that I didn’t like….I’m going to want to try this new one. I especially like new combinations I’ve never had. The most recent was a chunky bacon ranch.

Now I’m not the type who puts sauce all over everything, though. I just like dipping things like fries in them, to try them out, and then move on. I don’t know why or when the obsession with trying new ones started, but it is what it is and I like it.

Unfortunately, that means I like all of the dressings listed above (and may even mix a couple of them to create something entirely new….and it won’t be only for my salad either), which makes me appear even crazier than usual. Oops.


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    December 9, 2012

    That’s balsamic vinegar at the bottom, I was just going to ask where it was on the chart because that’s my favourite dressing! Then I noticed it tucked away beside the olive oil :)

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    Quirky Jessi
    December 9, 2012

    Ah ha! It only looked like a few letters to me, so I’m guessing it probably has “Balsa” scribbled there.

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