Avocado dressing…Wait, no…

avocado, salad, sauce | January 17, 2013 | By

At first glance, it looks like avocado dressing, right?
After all, we’re visual people and labels on bottles and boxes tend to indicate what’s inside. Those pictures might be misleading in the sense of looking way more delicious on the outside. Usually it at least sort of represents what’s expected to be in there, though.
Not with this dressing. That large picture of an avocado is merely a suggestion of what to put the dressing on. Don’t put it on a salad like everybody else. No, no, just put it on an avocado!

At least they did clarify in the fine print, though, that it is a honey mustard dressing and doesn’t contain any avocados at all. I was lucky to pay attention in the store, but I wonder if their choice of marketing is why this was on closeout. How many people are going to be intrigued by an avocado salad dressing? And those who were…like me….are going to be disappointed after seeing what it really is.


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