10 Quirky Cupcakes – Plain ol’ cupcakes are so last season…

I see a lot of cupcakes.
I mean, A LOT of cupcakes. They’re everywhere, all the time, even on sites completely unrelated to food. I love cupcakes (and cake pops, for that matter, which is also rather faddy), but I could easily flood a site with cupcakes in no time. Sometimes I save some that stand out as really unique and plan to blog about them, but never do.
So here’s some just from the last few months that I held onto.
Wicket Witch Crushed by a Cupcake – Love this one! We see characters put on top of cupcakes all the time, but to flip it over as part of a scene? Very cute.

Wicked witch of the west cupcake with feet sticking out of upside down cupcake like a house has fallen on her
Starry Night Cupcakes Cake – I’m usually not a fan of cupcake cakes, but this one is really well done as the famous Starry Night painting.

Van Gogh's Starry Night painting done in cupcakes cake
Sesame Street cupcakes – Annie was awesome enough to do a full photo tutorial for these. You’ll love how Big Bird’s beak was created.

Sesame Street cupcakes - cookie monster, elmo, big bird, oscar the grouch made with cookies, marshmallows, candies 

Santa Claus hats – So what if this is April? They’re awesome. :P

Red Santa hat made out of icing on cupcakes
Muppets – We’ve seen a lot of Muppet creations, too, but I still think these are the best cupcakes I saw.

The entire cast of the muppets on cupcakes - Miss piggy, kermet
Indiana Jones – Simple, and yet, oh so awesome.

Indiana Jones hat and whip on cupcakes 

High heeled cupcakes – These gets points just for not being only cupcakes.

Cupcakes that look like high heeled shoes
Groundhog’s Day cupcake push pops – This is kind of like cakeball pop meets creative cupcake, huh?

Ground hogs day food that looks like groundhog badger gopher as a cupcake in a push pop container 

Candy frog
– Cute, huh?

Frog candy cupcake with open mouth and tongue

Piranha Plant – If you follow my Quirky Mario tumblr, you’ve probably already seen this one.
Pirahna pirrana plant from mario games as a cupcake in fondant with leaves


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    April 25, 2012

    Really good looking cupcakes! I love the one that has the legs coming out from under the cupcake.

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