Cupcakewurst – What happens when you fill a sausage with cupcake batter instead?

Cupcake cake that looks like a hot dog or sausage bratwurst on a long john doughnut bun and raspberry icing as ketchup

This does. I’m sure plenty of people are completely grossed out by it and I actually ran across it because it disturbed some people so much…

But I think it’s brilliant!

Do I necessarily want to it eat? Nah. Do I think the pictures from before it was cooked look rather gross? Definitely.

But the idea of filling a casing with something completely unexpected, cooking it, then grilling it and adding it another similarly placed dish to turn it into something completely different? Uh, yes please. In case you couldn’t tell, the “bun” in that picture is half a long john donut and the ketchup is a raspberry topping.

And because Stef is awesome, she even gives a full picture tutorial of how to make your own. It might gross you out, but come on, what little boy wouldn’t love that at his next birthday? Scratch that. Father’s Day is here, isn’t it? What guy wouldn’t love to be allowed to have dessert for dinner? :P


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